Domaines Philosophy

All of the VEUVE AMBAL domaines are managed using sustainable methods. The use of specific cultivation techniques aims to reduce the use of treatments by optimising their position and efficiency. 

 This environmentally friendly and sustainable approach is an indication of Veuve Ambal's desire to reduce its impact on nature. These environmental concerns are at the core of the company's ethos, from the vineyards right up to the vinification of the wines.

 VEUVE AMBAL counts 250ha of vines making it one of the largest owners of viticultural surface area in Burgundy.

 The domaines are located in 6 different terroirs. This diversity brings richness and aromatic complexity to the wines produced. The Crémant de Bourgogne by VEUVE AMBAL draws on the unique characteristics of each Burgundian terroir, just as an artist uses his palette of colours in order to magnify the beauty of his painting.

Découvrez nos domaines en Bourgogne

More than 250 HA of vineyards  spread over 6 domaines in Burgundy